-Beer Pong Solution-

自訂枱面圖案 Customize table top

根據客戶要求,訂做獨一無二的枱面圖案,個人化的Beer Pong枱更添玩味。
Base on your request, we customize the design of the table top for you.



活動協作 Event Coordinate

According to the venue, we  using our experience and Beer Pong knowledge to provide the event solution to coordinate the event. Keep the event running smooth and fun.

製作Beer Pong專用枱  Tailor Make Beer Pong Table

我們為你度身打造Beer Pong枱,配合貴店的風格。
We tailor make a unique Beer Pong table base on your style.

Rent Fixed Table for Bar and Night From $1,000HKD.

 Email :info@beerpong.com.hk
 Tel: 852-9755-9274 or 3612-5660

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